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    Syllables Quiz

    Counting the number of syllables in each word is the task in this language ... read more


    Three-Letter Word Scavenger Hunt

    Develop phonemic awareness with this reading extension activity. Students w... read more

    Themed Packet

    Phonics: Vowel Printables Slideshow

    You'll see many worksheets and activities inside slideshow, including fill-... read more

    Themed Packet

    Phonics: Consonant Printables Slideshow

    You'll see many worksheets and activities inside this slideshows, including... read more


    Spelling Multiple Syllable Words

    Use a lesson that teaches students a systematic approach to using phonics i... read more


    Phonics Lesson

    Phonics teaches students the systematic and predictable relationships betwe... read more


    Deleting Syllables

    Students will name one word of a compound word when the other word is taken... read more

    Teacher Resources

    Syllable Awareness

    Syllable awareness is one component of phonological awareness. Students gai... read more

    Teacher Resources

    Phonemic Awareness

    A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound in a spoken word that makes a diffe... read more


    Silent Consonant Penguins

    Employ a printable reading activity that helps build skills in "kn," "wr," ... read more


    The Alphabet - Phonics Skill 3 (Gr. K)

    Students write and say the matching lowercase letter for each capital lette... read more