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Engaging STEM Titles for K-8 Reading

This brochure features engaging STEM titles and series for grades K-8. Find... read more

Literature Guide

Animals Upside Down Educator's Guide

Connect science, reading, and writing through Common Core-aligned activitie... read more

Literature Guide

No Summit Out of Sight Curriculum Guide

Take students on a mountain climbing adventure with Jordan Romero's teen me... read more

Literature Guide

Eyes Wide Open Teachers' Guide

Expand students' understanding of environmental headlines with compelling n... read more

Literature Guide

Two Years Before the Mast Teacher's Guide

Two Years Before the Mast is a powerful 19th century personal narrative tha... read more

Literature Guide

Twelve Years a Slave Teacher's Guide

Introduce students to the slave narrative genre, then begin an in-depth stu... read more

Teacher Discussion Guide

The Ghost Map Readers Guide

The Ghost Map tells the story of the 1854 London cholera epidemic, and how ... read more

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