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Estimation, Probability, & Statistics Resources for Teachers

Use these printables, lesson plans, and resources to strengthen your students' estimation, probability, and statistics skills. You'll find exercises using measurement, arithmetic, time, fraction, decimals, percentages, predictions, and more! There are also plenty of cross-curricular activities for your students to enjoy in other subjects, like their science, social studies, and reading classes. You're sure to improve your class's mathematics skills with our resources.


Math Graphic Organizers Gallery
Math Enrichment Activities Printables Slideshow (Grades 6-10)
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Estimation Printables

What's in the Bag?
Make It Balance
Which Holds More?
Which Holds the Most?
How Much Does It Hold?
Solve the Riddles
Circle: It's Longer
More Popular Estimation Printables

Probability Printables

Charts and Graphs: Decision Making (Gr. 6)
The Coin Counting Book Activity
Using Scatterplots: Patterns in Data (Gr. 6)
Explore Probability (Gr. 2)
Expressing Probabilities as Fractions (Gr. 5)
Exploring Likely and Unlikely (Gr. 4)
Probability Scale 0 to 1
More Popular Probability Printables

Statistics Printables

Our Growing Planet
Baseball Fun
Compute Your Grades with Excel
Statistics: Critical Thinking (Gr. 6)
Listing Possible Outcomes (Gr. 4)
Ratio, Percent, and Probability: Critical Thinking (Gr. 5)
Exploring Fairness (Gr. 5)
More Popular Statistics Printables

Lesson Plans

Investigating Median, Mode, and Mean
Spider Plants
Estimating Angles, Area, and Length
Fathers as Caretakers -- Using Statistics
Math with Candies PowerPoint Presentation
More Lesson Plans for Estimation, Probability, & Statistics

Holiday Activities

Our Growing Planet
Literature & Math: Stories about Planets
Literature & Math: Stories About Time
Literature & Math: Stories about Aliens, Earth & the Solar System
Fathers as Caretakers -- Using Statistics
Literature & Math: Biggest, Strongest, Fastest

Art & Music Activities

Mozart: Mathematics in Music
Fat Chicks
Is It Small or Large?
Guess How Much I Love You & I Love My Little Storybook Teacher's Guide

Science Resources

Our Growing Planet
Baseball Fun
Gummy Worm Measurements
Investigate Activity: Estimating and Measuring Mass
How Can You Measure Your Body?
Literature & Math: If You Hopped Like a Frog
Estimating Greater Products (Gr. 4)
More Science Resources for Estimation, Probability, & Statistics

Reading & Language Arts Resources

Sir Cumference and All the King's Tens Teacher's Guide
An Expedition to Egypt Vocabulary
Common Core Teacher's Guide to the Books of Bruce Goldstone

Social Studies & History Resources

Our Growing Planet
Immigrant Statistics
Statue of Liberty Math
Graphing Ancestry Groups
Create Your Own Form
Finding the Mean on State Statistics
Where You Belong: Census Activity
More Social Studies Resources for Estimation, Probability, & Statistics

Health & Physical Education Resources

Baseball Fun
HIV/AIDS Statistics
Science Skill: Estimating and Measuring with Cereal and Raisins
Math with Candies: Student Planning Page
Swim Meet Data
Australian Football League Trading Card

More Resources for Mathematics Teachers

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