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Guide your students' understanding of new concepts with this 3-2-1 reflection template.

Use this 3-2-1 reflection graphic organizer in order to support students in self-reflection and determine their next steps.

Meta-cognition, or thinking about thinking, is important for students, so they develop self-awareness. When students better understand themselves as learners, they are able to articulate what they know, what they still need help with, and what they will do in order to have their needs met.

Lesson reflection is a simple way to encourage critical thinking, and your students’ responses can be used as an end-of-class exit ticket.

Before you you use this graphic organizer, model the process for your students using a Think Aloud, where you make your own self-reflection visible.

What's Included:

  • 3-2-1 Graphic Organizer Template

Concepts Covered:

  • Three Ideas I Learned in Class
  • Two Ways I Can Use These Ideas
  • One Thing That Confused Me 
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