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Quidditch Quiz Answer Sheet

The game of Quidditch was invented in which century?

8th century
11th century
14th century

The sport is named Quidditch because

The person who invented it was Zacharias Quidditch.
The Quidditch Broom Company supplied the early Quidditch teams with broomsticks.
The inventor of the sport lived near Queerditch Marsh.
The game we know today as Quidditch was first mentioned in a diary kept by Gertie Keddle, who lived near Queerditch Marsh.

What did Elliot Smethwyck invent in 1820 that made playing Quidditch a lot more comfortable?

the Cushioning Charm
the Heated Broomstick Charm
the Windshield Charm

The Golden Snitch that the Seeker tries to capture is meant to resemble what?

a nut that ancient wizards loved to eat
a tiny bird that ancient wizards used to hunt
a ball that was used in the ancient wizard sport of Creaothceann
Capturing a tiny bird called a Golden Snidget was originally part of the sport of Quidditch. However, this bird soon became an endangered species. A brilliant wizard by the name of Bowman Wright created a metal substitute, which he bewitched so it would fly around the Quidditch field, resembling the bird.

The Wizards' Council found it necessary to enforce rules to hide the existence of Quidditch from Muggles. Which of the following was not a precaution suggested by the Council?

The game should be played at night.
Muggle-repelling charms should be used.
The game should not be played within 100 miles of a town.
A tall brick wall should be built around Quidditch pitches.
The Department of Magical Games and Sports was later created to ensure that proper anti-Muggle security was taken into account.

The Quaffle (the ball used for scoring points) has evolved since Quidditch was first invented. All of these characteristics were true of the ancient Quaffle, but which one is still true today?

It has a leather strap on it used for catching it easily.
It is made of leather.
It has three finger holes in it.
With the invention of Gripping Charms, holes and straps are no longer needed for the Chaser to keep a firm, one-handed grasp on the Quaffle.

How many fouls are acknowledged in the Department of Magical Games and Sports Records?

700 fouls are recognized by the Deptarment, but this list is not available for the wizarding public to see. The department feared that if players saw the list, they might try to perform some of the moves.

The referee was originally known as what?

the Quijudge
the Quiref
the Quiruler

In the original game of Quidditch, Keepers had to do this in addition to guarding the goalposts.

try to capture the Golden Snitch
throw bludgers at players
try to score goals with the Quaffle
In 1620 the Keeper's job became strictly the guarding of the goalposts.

When is the only time a player's feet may touch the ground during a Quidditch match?

after a goal is scored
when the captain calls for a time-out
when the player needs a water break

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