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Mar 6, 2015
We have merged TeacherVision's international content onto one website. Educators around the world can use TeacherVision.com to browse an extensive library of teaching materials. You can still find relevant content for Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States in our Educators' Calendars.  [x] CLOSE

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Girls playing basketball

Physical Education Resources for Teachers

Promote good exercise habits with physical education resources for kindergarten through twelfth grade. Encourage fitness with lessons and printables for safe and healthy living. Use science activities to explore the benefits of physical activities on the human body. There are quizzes to test students' knowledge of sports trivia and biographies to teach them about famous athletes. You'll also find math activities on baseball statistics and Olympic writing exercises that build vocabulary.


Jackie Robinson Coloring Page
Why Is Exercise Important?
Fastest Woman in the World: Wilma Rudolph
Jackie Robinson Biography & Activities
Action Poems and Songs
Capture the Flag
The Human Body: Disease & Wellness Printable Book (Grades K-5)
More Popular Physical Education Printables

Lesson Plans

Movement and Circle Games
Hula Hoop Activities
Name That State
Invent a Sport
Basketball Multiplication
Traditional Physical Games
African-American Hall of Fame
More Physical Education Lesson Plans


Soccer Skills Quiz
Tennis Trivia Quiz
Baseball Teams Quiz
Hockey Facts Quiz
Winter Games Historical Facts Quiz


17th-Century Pastimes and Sports
Jackie Robinson Mini-Biography
Jesse Owens: Olympic Champion
Althea Gibson
Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympic Athlete
Muhammad Ali, Olympic Athlete
More Physical Education References

Physical Education & Science Connected

Heart Rate and Exercise
Baseball Fun
Muscle Learning
Wellness Poster
Science Skill: Making a Hypothesis (Gr. 2)
Finger Clappers, Snappers, and Tappers
Animal Walk Circuit
More Physical Education Activities for Science Class

Language Arts Activities for Physical Education

Official Playbook to the Books of Mike Lupica
Babe Ruth Reading Warm-Up: Biography
Reading Warm-Up 127 for Gr. 3 & 4: Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Michelle Kwan Reading Warm-Up
Reading Warm-Up 117 for Gr. 3 & 4: Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Reading Warm-Up 158 for Gr. 3 & 4: Fantasy
More Language Arts Activities for Physical Education

History Resources for Physical Education

Olympic Star: Jesse Owens Biography and Activities
Althea Gibson's Story
Modern Olympic Symbols & Traditions
Satchel Paige and the Negro League
Negro League Baseball
Olympic Games and Politics
Olympic History: 1936 Summer Games Background
More Popular History Resources for Physical Education

Social Studies & Physical Education Connected

Australian Football Maths Activity
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Equality in Sports for Women
Muhammad Ali and Heavyweight Boxing
Double Dutch Teacher's Guide
Up Close: Babe Ruth Discussion Guide
Jesse Owens, Olympic Athlete
More Physical Education Activities for Social Studies

Mathematics & Physical Education Connected

Addition Robbery
Your Unique Exercise Program (Part 2 of 3)
Classroom Olympic Games
Your Unique Exercise Program (Part 1 of 3)
Heart Training Range (Part 3 of 3)
Basketball Bears
Predictions: Individual and Team
More Physical Education Activities for Math Class

Health & Safety Activities for Physical Education

Fine Motor Skills
Planning a Fitness Schedule
My Favorite Exercise
Health & Nutrition Printables Slideshow
Explore Activity: Ways to Exercise
Nutrition Printable Book (K-4)
Your Own TV Show
More Health & Safety Activities for Physical Education

Sports Resources

Winter Olympics 2014: Sochi Preview
Several New Sports Debut at the 2014 Winter Olympics
Volleyball Activities
Russia's Anti-Gay Bill Ignites International Protests
Sochi: the Host City of the 2014 Winter Olympics
Security a Big Concern in Sochi
Soccer Skills Quiz
More Popular Sports Resources

Olympic Games Resources

Top 10 Olympic Controversies
Events of the Winter Olympic Games
Winter Olympic Games Reading Comprehension Activity
Write a Letter to Jesse Owens
Events of the Summer Olympic Games
Wilma Rudolph, Olympic Athlete
Chart of Summer Olympic Games Statistics
More Olympic Games – Resources for Teachers
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