Multiple Intelligences Questionnaire

Hand out this questionnaire to parents to help them learn about Multiple Intelligences theory.
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Updated on: November 13, 2000
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Musical Intelligence

Does your child:

  • Enjoy playing a musical instrument?
  • Listen to music a lot?
  • Hum or sing a lot?
  • Cheer herself up with songs when she is sad?
  • Tell you when music sounds off-key?
  • Have a good singing voice?
  • Remember the melodies of songs?

If this is your child, then she may one day conduct a symphony or play in a steel drum band.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Does your child:

  • Like to work and play with other kids?
  • Understand how friends are feeling by looking at their faces?
  • Have two or more close friends?
  • Give advice to friends who have problems?
  • Have a good sense of empathy or concern for others?
  • Seem to be street-smart?
  • Seem to be a natural leader on teams?

If you answered yes to most of these, your child might become someone's favorite teacher or the CEO of a big company.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Does your child:

  • Often need a quiet place to work or just be alone?
  • Like to make collections of things that have special meaning to her?
  • Remember her dreams?
  • Display a sense of independence or strong will?
  • Have a realistic sense of her strengths and weaknesses?
  • Have an interest or hobby that she doesn't talk much about?
  • Accurately express how she is feeling?

Sound familiar? Then your child could someday write great poetry or resist negative peer pressure and do the right thing for herself.

Naturalist Intelligence

Does your child:

  • Enjoy collecting bugs, flowers, or rocks?
  • Like to closely examine what she finds in nature?
  • Keep detailed records of her observations of nature?
  • Like to watch natural phenomena like the moon and the tides and hear explanations about them?
  • Become fascinated with one particular thing from nature and want to learn about it thoroughly?
  • Want to become a geologist, biologist, or some other type of scientist?

If your answer is yes, then your child could become an expert on paleontology or discover new ways to save the whales.

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