Knights of the Middle Ages Mini-Lesson

Use this slideshow to introduce students to knights—the term used to describe the brave warriors on horseback who fought in western Europe from about 800 to the 1600s. In this mini-lesson, students will learn about some of the milestones required to become a medieval knight and the duties required of the position.
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Excerpted from

Eyewitness: Knight
Eyewitness: Knight
Christopher Gravett

Eyewitness: Knight is a spectacular and informative guide to the life and times of the medieval knight and his followers with superb color photographs of everything from suits of armor to the lord and lady of the manor in full costume. Get a look into the lives of medieval people at peace and during wartime.

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Students will learn about some of the milestones required to become a medieval knight and the duties required of the position.
Suggested Time
15 minutes
Reading Level
Upper Elementary
Knights of the Middle Ages Mini-Lesson

Teacher Background

In the fourth century A.D. the Roman Empire and Europe was invaded by various barbarian tribes. One of the dominant groups were the
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Print or Project

  • A Visual Overview: Show the slideshow of photos to your class. Each has a descriptive caption and kid-friendly copy for your students to read. (Please note that there is also more extensive teacher note copy just for you.)
  • Creative Caption Review: Once you've been through the slideshow for an overview, go back through it again. This time ask students to explain why the captions do (or do not!) work.(Example: Do you think the caption "Fashion in Steel" is a good one for the second slide? Why or why not?)
Continue the Conversation
Ask students to talk about the training process to become a knight. Why do they suppose it took so long to train a young man? What do they think some of the hardships—and benefits—might be?
Write about it
Ask students to think about the concept of chivalry. Have them write a paragraph about why they think honor is important—especially on the battlefield.

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Extension Activities





Knights of the Middle Ages Word Power
Grade: 4 - 6
Students practice vocabulary relevant to medieval knights by using each defined word in a sentence they create.



Knights & Knighthood Activity Pack
Grade: 6 - 8
Gain insight into knights and knighthood in the Middle Ages, with this reading passage and activities.


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