3rd Grade Math Worksheets

These third grade worksheets provide practice for all the major topics with emphasis on basic multiplication and division facts. The worksheets correlate to the Common Core State Standards for mathematics.For more practice across math subjects, view all of our math worksheets and resources.
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  • Addition

    Students will gain better knowledge of addition with these worksheets. These worksheets focus on 2- and 3-digit addition problems, measurements, money, as well as adding measurements.

  • Decimals

    Implement these worksheets in your math lessons to help your students practice converting, rounding, and ordering decimals.

  • Division

    These worksheets will allow students to practice long division, mixed division, remainders, as well as word problems to hone their division skills.

  • Fractions

    Help your students understand and practice the more difficult mathematical concepts. These fraction worksheets will help your students focus on adding, simplifying, comparing, subtracting, and writing fractions.

  • Geometry

    These worksheets will introduce your students to geometry and develop your student's knowledge of their geometric concepts and shapes.

  • Graphs, Charts, and Tables

    Students will practice reading and working with bar graphs, tables, and other types of charts.

  • Measurement & Telling Time

    Help students master their ability to correctly measure and tell time with these worksheets. Students will focus on the understanding the appropriate units of measurement like area, length, and volume, as well as all aspects of telling time.

  • Money

    Students will work on their money skills with these worksheets. They can practice adding, subtracting, calculating change, counting, and dividing all with the concept of money.

  • Multiplication

    Test your students' times table skills, multiplying by multiple digit numbers, long and mixed multiplication, and more with these multiplication worksheets.

  • Place Value

    These worksheets work students skills on ordering, place value, rounding, and writing numbers.

  • Estimation & Probability

    Give students the practice to work on their estimation and probability skills with these worksheets.

  • Shapes, Numbers, and Patterns

    Help students expand on their knowledge of geometry by identifying shapes and number patterns and work on their times tables.

  • Subraction

    Students will practice their subtraction skills with these worksheets that focus on money problems, subtracting multiple digit numbers, and choosing the correct operation.

  • Word Problems

    Students will have a chance to practice all the major mathematic operations while solving these word problem worksheets.

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