Odd and Even Numbers

Grade Levels: K - 3


In this lesson, the concept of odd and even numbers is explored using manipulatives. A hundreds chart is used to show the alternating pattern of odd and even numbers, and students are asked to extend the pattern to identify additional odd and even numbers. Students will identify odd and even numbers and patterns in number sequences.


Provide each student with:


Show students how to tell whether a number from 1 to 6 is even or odd using counters. Explain that if the number of counters can be arranged so each counter is paired with another, the number is even. Further explain that if there is an unpaired counter, or a counter is left over, then the number is odd. Model this process for students, and then have them use counters to find which numbers are odd or even. Have students use the green crayon to color the squares with the numbers they identify as even on their hundreds charts. Ask students to continue to use this method to find all the even numbers up to 20, recording them on the charts using a green crayon.

Ask students to describe patterns they see on their charts, and elicit that every other number is green, or even. Have students use their green crayons to continue the pattern on the charts up to the number 50. Ask students to circle one even number and one odd number between 20 and 50 on thier charts. Then ask students to have their partner use counters to verify their choices. Encourage students to arrange the counters in groups of 10. Discuss their findings.


Discuss how the chart has alternating stripes, or columns, and ask students what is the same in each green-colored column (the digit in the ones place in each number) and what is different (the digit in the tens place). Elicit that the digit in the ones place in each even number is 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8. Write several numbers between 50 and 100 on the chalkboard, and ask students to identify whether each is odd or even.

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