Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets

These activities will help your students learn how to subtract and calculate simple equations. These skills will help your students understand how to use subtraction in other subjects in math such as counting, measuring and matching.

  • 3 Fewer Than (0-10)

    In this exercise, students count the apples on the tree, then draw a tree with three fewer apples. After subtracting three more, they draw a second set of apples.

  • Addition and Subtraction (0-10)

    Children practice using the addition, subtraction, and equals signs to complete the basic arithmetic problems. The numbers 1 through 10 are reviewed here.

  • Draw Fewer Objects (1-10)

    In this math worksheet, students choose a number that is fewer than the number pictured. Then, they draw fewer candies, pennies, eggs, and socks to represent the smaller number.

  • How Many Are Left? (0-10)

    Students cross out a given number of circles in each problem, then count the amount that remain. Numbers 1 through 10 are used in this math worksheet.

  • Subtraction Symbols: - and =

    In this math worksheet, students learn about the subtraction sign (–) and equals sign (=). Then, they complete basic subtraction problems to practice using the new symbols.

  • Take 1 Away (1-5)

    Children look at the pictures of animals and "take 1 away" by crossing one out. Then they note how many animals are left.

  • Take 2 Away (0-10)

    Test your students ability to subtract by reviewing the pictures of sea creatures and "take 2 away" by crossing two out. Then they note how many sea creatures are left.

  • Take 3 Away (0-10)

    After counting the number of flowers in the garden, children subtract three by crossing them out, then count the difference.

  • Take 4 Away (0-10)

    In this worksheet your students look at the pictures of animals and "take 4 away" by crossing them out. Then they can count how many animals are left.

  • Take 5 Away (0-10)

    Your student can practice their subtraction skills by removing 5 birthday treats from each group.Then finding the total number of treats left.

  • Take Away 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5

    To demonstrate basic subtraction skills, students subtract between 1 and 5 from numbers up to 10. This worksheet does not provide pictures as a guide, though students could draw their own images if they need help completing the problems.

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