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They system you establish for students entering your classroom can greatly effect the amount of instructional time you have during a class period. A best practice for the beginning of class is to start with what is often called a bell ringer, activator, do no or warm-up. When you use this strategy, students develop an understanding that when they enter your class, they sit down, and get started on their warm-up. Some teachers even stand at the door and hand students the warm-up as they enter the room. As an added bonus, your daily warm-up can serve as a pre-assessment and give you the opportunity to activate students' prior knowledge. You can collect these warm-ups and use the data as a formative assessment. This form is designed as a place for you to organize what your daily warm-ups will be. A teaching tip is to keep these forms in a binder so you can go back and see what warm-ups you have already done.
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