Book Report Packet for Middle School

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Tips and tools for how to write a book report

Use the 4 strategies and 2 resources in this packet to help your middle school students get more out of their reading and write better book reports. These strategies can be applied to any work of fiction, and the editable worksheets focus on collecting and organizing the most important plot and character information.

Included in this resource are:

  • 4 strategies with tips on how to put them into practice
  • An editable plot sequencing printable for gathering and documenting important plot points
  • An editable character study printable for summarizing character information by chapter
  • A generic rubric for grading and assessing book study projects like book reports.

Some of the strategies featured include:

Create an alternate book cover

This activity will help them reinforce their knowledge of the plot and characters, while using their artistic abilities to create an original representation of the novel.

Plot sequencing

As your students are reading their independent books or assigned works, use the Plot Sequencing worksheet to help them pay close attention to key details in the plot.
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