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Help students learn more about the Islamic holy month of Ramadan with this free Ramadan activity book designed for Pre-K to 1st Grade.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset, and dedicate themselves to prayer, reading the Qu’ran, and performing good deeds. Help students to learn more about this important holy month with this Ramadan Activity Book.

How To Use This Printable Ramadan Activity Book

Teach students about important aspects of Ramadan, from the countdown of the Ramadan calendar, sighting the moon, not eating and drinking, reading the Qur'an, helping to prepare food for iftar, breaking with dates and water, to finally, eating and praying tarawih.

The Ramadan worksheets in this free printable activity pack include cutting and sticking activities, number matching and sorting activities, and Ramadan coloring pages. These fun activities for the days of Ramadan are perfect for developing fine motor skills, counting, sorting, and differentiating skills, and building cultural awareness.

Extend These Ramadan Activities

Complement the Ramadan activities in this free download with Ramadan decoration-making, or have students create Ramadan Mubarak cards or posters. For older students, focus on vocabulary words by having them create their own DIY Ramadan word search.

Celebrate the end of Ramadan with this printable Eid Mubarak coloring template, perfect for classroom decorations or bulletin boards.

These materials are provided courtesy of Jameela Ho of Ilma Education. For more free Ramadan printables, including lesson plans, videos, and Ramadan crafts, visit the Ilma Education website

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