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Celebrate Flag Day in your classroom this June with our flag-themed favorite printables, lessons, and activities! You'll find flag designs your students can print and color, information about the history of the United States flag, patriotic songs and activities, plenty of art projects, and much more!
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Flag Day (22)

Updated on: February 11, 2008
Teach children about the history of the American flag, and extend their learning with these activities.

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Students read a brief biography of Betsy Ross, after which they put together a Betsy Ross book.

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Distribute a printable social studies activity that focuses on flag etiquette.

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In this nonfiction reading warm-up, students read a short biography of Betsy Ross and answer reading comprehension questions. This reading exercise provides practice with a nonfiction text about American history.

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Work this bulletin board idea into your lesson plans by letting students create flags and discuss their origins. This patriotic activity is great for Veterans Day, the Fourth of July, and Flag Day.

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Through this cooperative learning lesson, students will learn various controversies and facts about U.S. flag.

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