HIV Prevention Saves Lives

The case for preventative measures for HIV is laid out in this article. Use this resource to raise HIV/AIDS awareness.
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Updated on: October 20, 2004
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CDC: the nation's leader in HIV prevention

HIV prevention means using every effective weapon to stop new HIV infections from occurring. The CDC works on these three fronts:

Researching prevention

The CDC conducts basic research on the mechanics of HIV infection and disease progression. It also conducts research on HIV prevention technologies:
  • Impact of HIV treatment on transmission
  • Prevention of mother-to-child STD transmission
  • STD treatment as a method of HIV prevention
  • Vaccines
  • Microbicides

The CDC develops and evaluates prevention programs nationwide, many of which provide information and social support to groups at risk for HIV, such as:
  • Peer outreach for gay men
  • Street outreach for injection-drug users
  • Education programs for youth in and out of school
  • Faith-based initiatives in African-American communities

Helping communities

Each year, the CDC provides over $400 million to build and support innovative prevention efforts, including:
  • Funding programs run by 65 state, local and territorial health departments, 22 national and regional minority organizations, and 94 local organizations.
  • Helping community organizations to implement and sustain prevention programs.
  • Conducting training programs in effective approaches to prevention.

Tracking HIV/AIDS

The CDC's unparalleled information-gathering systems track the occurrence and course of HIV throughout the U.S., indicating where prevention programs are most urgently needed now and in the future.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia

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