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    Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope Educator's Guide

    Based on her work with UNICEF in Latin America, this guide to Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope by Jenn... read more


    Fundraising for World Orphans

    Teach your pupils about the millions of children throughout the world who are orphaned or homeless d... read more

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    World AIDS Month Slideshow

    Raise children's awareness and get the facts about AIDS and HIV prevention with the printables and a... read more



    Inform your students about the major health issue of the 80s: AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndr... read more


    HIV and Its Transmission

    Read the latest information on how HIV is transmitted and the precautions you should take to prevent... read more


    HIV/AIDS Among America's Youth

    Find detailed statistics and recommendations on prevention for HIV/AIDS in America's youth. This art... read more


    Ryan White, My Own Story

    An excerpt from a touching tale of a courageous young man, his battle against fear and hatred, and his fight to educate the public about AIDS. read more


    Lessons from the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic

    Lessons learned over the course of the HIV/AIDS epidemic are discussed by Peter Piot, a Belgian phys... read more


    The Eras of AIDS

    Share an article that provides an excellent historical perspective on HIV/AIDS. Use this health resource to increase students' HIV/AIDS awareness. read more

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