Halloween Tales for Older Readers

These Halloween books will help older readers get into the spirit for Halloween.
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Halloween Tales for Older Readers

R.L. Stine is famous for creating a sense of mystery and suspense. In Halloween Night, Brenda and her friends joke about murdering her cousin Halley. Of course it was all talk, just a joke. Right? Between the bloody writing on the wall to the confusion of costume switching, evil events keep occurring until it's hard to tell who's joking and who's not.

And then there's the sequel... Halloween Night II is equally as chilling. This time the joke is on Brenda. Someone is out to make this Halloween her last!

Fear Street is another popular series by this author. In Halloween Party (Fear Street Series #8), what was supposed to be a fun Halloween Party turns out to be a nightmare. The lights suddenly go out and when they come back on there is a boy on the floor with a knife in his back! Maybe it's just a joke -- maybe not.

Mcmummy, by Betsy Byars, is a story full of mystery and suspense. Mozie's job watering plants in an eccentric professor's greenhouse takes a bad turn when he is mysteriously attracted to a giant, humming pea pod. He is drawn to the huge plant with oversized leaves. But babysitting this plant may have put Mozie in real danger and no one believes him!

In The Phantom Fair, by Lael J. Littke, Bonnie wants to get in a club with popular girls at school. She comes up with a great idea for a Halloween party, hoping her ideas will get her in. But the situation get spooky when she finds a mummy in her backyard!

Check out Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. Join Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade as they go to a carnival, a place where all your dreams can come true. But why does their dream seem more like a nightmare?

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