Learning at Home Reading and Writing Choice Board

If school isn't in session as normal, and you have students at home who need to stay focused on learning, don't fret! This reading and writing choice board includes 9 different group or independent activities for kids in grades 2-5 to enjoy while keeping their language arts skills fresh. From sentence scrambles and journaling to vocabulary-building and spelling challenges, kids can keep right on learning at home when they have to.

Activities In This Packet:

  1. Creative Writing/Storytelling
  2. Reading for Fluency
  3. This for That! (Vocabulary)
  4. Sidewalk Spelling
  5. Pack a Reading Picnic!
  6. Around the World (Writing)
  7. Sentence Scramble
  8. Journaling Activity
  9. "How To" Writing

Updated on: March 17, 2020
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Teaching Strategies:

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