Understanding Median, Mode, and Mean - Extension

Distribute this printable worksheet that aids students in learning about median, mode and mean by answering these word problems.

Understanding Median, Mode, and Mean - Extension

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1. To reach conclusive scores for each restaurant, Jamel finds the mean of the five ratings. Which restaurants have the highest mean? Round your answers to the nearest 0.5.



2. Jamel could also compare the medians. Which restaurant has the highest median?



3. What do you think is the better approach, comparing the means or the medians? Explain your reasoning.



4. Jamel considers the taste and the price to be the most important features. He adds each restaurant's ratings again, this time adding the taste and price ratings twice and dividing by a sum of 7. If he uses this system, which restaurant will have the highest score? You may want to use a calculator.



5. Which restaurant's score will drop dramatically?



6. Which feature should Jamel focus on if he wants to compete?

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