Title VI Grants: A Source for Educational Funding

If you're looking for a source of funding for projects, consider Title VI Innovative Program Strategies grants.
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Secrets to Title VI Success

Hendrix recommends the following:

  • If you've never applied for Title VI funding, read other grants first to learn how to write them. Check to see whether your school district allows teachers to serve on the Title VI review board. This is a great opportunity to read proposals.
  • Don't forget that you have to do the work after you get the grant. Be realistic about what you can accomplish. Make sure the support and resources to complete your project are available.
  • Have strong learning outcomes in the proposal. Don't just say you want a color printer; say how the color printer will help achieve an instructional objective or a learning outcome.
  • Keep good records so you can track measurable objectives and outcomes. At the end of the year you'll need to turn in a report on these to the school district.
  • Make your proposal look good by adding graphs and illustrations. If possible, print it on a color printer.
  • Have others read your proposal to make sure all the questions are answered. See if you can get feedback from your school district before submitting the proposal.
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