Winning Decimals - Answer Key

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To qualify for NASCAR’s Daytona 500, car racers must achieve an average speed of 171.6 miles per hour. Below are the results of a qualifying race.


Average Speed (Miles Per Hour)


Average Speed (Miles Per Hour)

Bobby Labonte


Tony Stewart


Ward Burton


Ricky Rudd


Dale Jarrett


Mark Martin


Dale Earnhardt


Rusty Wallace


Sterling Marlin


Jeff Gordon


  1. Which racers did not qualify? (Sterling Marlin and Rusty Wallace)

  2. Who was faster, Dale Jarrett or Ricky Rudd? (Dale Jarrett)

  3. Who was faster, Ward Burton or Jeff Gordon? (Jeff Gordon)

  4. Assuming the racers maintained these average speeds in the actual race, who would come in first, second, and third place? (1st place, Dale Earnhardt; 2nd place, Mark Martin; 3rd place, Bobby Labonte)

  5. How many thousandths of a mile per hour faster did Rusty Wallace need to drive in order to qualify? (one thousandth of a mile per hour)

  6. Who should come in fourth? (Tony Stewart)

  7. Of the qualifiers, who should come in last place? (Ricky Rudd)

  8. How many tenths of a mile an hour did Ricky Rudd need to increase his speed in order to match Dale Jarrett’s speed? (one tenth)

  9. How many thousandths of a mile per hour did Bobby Labonte need to increase his speed in order to match Mark Martin’s speed? (6 thousandths of a mile per hour)

  10. If next year’s race officials decide to raise the qualifying speed to 172.2, which speeds above will not qualify? (Sterling Marlin, Rusty Wallace, Ricky Rudd)
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