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Get a sneak peek of what's inside our printable book "Creative Writing (5-8)," with this slideshow. These prompts and activities will help improve your students' writing skills while unleashing their imagination!
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Students use their imagination to write a dialogue between themselves and the men and women of ancient Rome.
Students view photographs of immigrants (included in this printable), pretend they are recent immigrants to America, and write a journal entry depicting their arrival.
Students are asked to imagine that they run a small business and that one of their trusted employees has betrayed them. They will then write a short story about their reaction to this situation.
Students are asked to imagine that they are being accused of something they didn't do. They are then asked to write a story about how they would act in this predicament.
Explore an activity that asks students to think about transformations and the ways in which their lives would be changed if certain events took place. Students will then write a skit or story about someone with superpowers.
Students will imagine a situation in which a victim can emerge victorious, and will then write a short story about this scenario.
Use this printable to have students create their own Mad Libs® stories. Students supply key words (nouns, adjectives, and verbs) to a base paragraph to create an amusing story. Find more fun and educational ways to use Mad Libs® in your classroom.
Students will learn about weathergrams in this poetry activity. They will then write their own weathergram.
Have students write a narrative poem based on a prose realistic fiction selection. This creative writing activity will sharpen their imaginative skills.
Explore an activity that introduces students to the topic of clichés. They will practice replacing overused expressions with more unique and thoughtful phrases.
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