20 Inspirational Self-Care Quotes for Teachers

For every teacher, it needs to be said; you are an invaluable resource for the progression of our world. Your care and well-being are essential in performing your duties as an educator. Recognizing what teachers need to sustain their mental health has been a central topic even before the pandemic.

Uplifting support of teachers needs to be a priority, as many are leaving the profession in droves. The world cannot afford to lose a great educator for not understanding that a teacher needs fulfillment.

Historically, inspirational quotes have been used to encourage people. Can you remember the first quote that inspired you? Or one that provided you such clarity it was like a beacon? Maybe it was a quote that made you think twice about another person’s actions.

Perhaps it made you think twice about your life. Whatever the words were, they may have caused you to believe differently. Quotes cannot solve problems with the structure of schools, but they can be strengthening reminders of the magnificent person you are.

What is a nice quote for a teacher?

Some of the loveliest quotes come from those whom you serve. A special education student struggles with math until you’ve helped them overcome the hump. They say, “thank you,” and it skyrockets your self-esteem. Acknowledging the work a teacher or educator puts into their class is one of the most admirable quotes anyone can give. Administration, parents, and other teachers, who leave quotes for teachers can supply a much-needed uplift to the soul.

What is Self-Care for teachers?

Self-care for teachers can look quite different from teacher to teacher. For one teacher, it can be deep breaths throughout the day. For another, a deep tissue massage on Saturday morning. For some, it can be an intense gym session after a long school day. It can be a short getaway in the woods with family for another teacher. Self-care is the individualized pursuit of peace and replenishment. Each teacher decides what self-care looks like for them.

Schools are now creating rooms for teachers to decompress. These are remarkably like sensory rooms where the lighting is dim, pleasing aromas float in the air, and relaxing activities are available. These rooms help to give educators a break in the day when things go sideways or they feel depleted from addressing the same distracting behaviors. If there is no decompression room in your school, speak to your administration about setting one up.

What is a good quote about self-care?

“Honestly, self-care is not fluffy. It’s something we should take seriously.”— Kris Carr.
Teachers need to take self-care seriously. There is excellence in this quote because some people do not take self-care as seriously as they should. As a result, teachers are not just burning out; they are scorching out from what they deal with daily. The best quotes about self-care are the ones that get teachers to act to improve their mental health and well-being.

Self-care is about self-love.

What to say to inspire a teacher?

Until the day comes when the education system is changed to address teacher burnout effectively, district-level leaders and administrators must thank teachers for their tireless efforts. Consistently thanking a teacher will help with their morale, and they won’t carry so much of the burden of the day home with them. Words are great, but actions are even better—the best way to inspire a teacher is to ask them what they need to sustain their contentment.

What are some quotes about teachers?

“If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes.” - Guy Kawasaki.

Mr. Kawasaki perfectly sums up the people who become educators. Many struggles arise throughout the day for teachers, which they have to prepare for. When a teacher walks through the school door, they instantly transform into a being of strength. They can adjust, motivate, and supply safety to students throughout the school year. Teachers are not like everyone else. Their work is never-ending, as that of any superhero.

What is a quote about teaching?

‘Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.’ — Unknown.

Teaching is the profession of professions. Society would crumble because teaching is the base of everything learned. Every career has specialized instructors passing on their knowledge to the next generation.

20 Inspirational Self-Care Quotes for Teachers

Below are twenty self-care quotes for teachers – taken from our set of 20 Inspirational Self-Care Quotes Posters for Teachers available to download and place in your classroom or bulletin board.

1. Caring For Myself Is Not Self-Indulgence, It Is Self-Preservation, And That Is an Act of Political Warfare — AUDRE LORDE

2. You Become What You Believe – OPRAH WINFREY

3. The Secret of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started. The Secret of Getting Started Is Breaking Your Overwhelming Tasks into Small Manageable Tasks, And Then Starting on The First One — MARK TWAIN

4. It Is Not the Mountain We Conquer but Ourselves — SIR EDMUND HILLARY

5. Too Many People Overvalue What They Are Not and Undervalue What They Are — MALCOLM S. FORBES

6. You Have to Believe in Yourself When No One Else Does – That Makes You a Winner Right There — VENUS WILLIAMS

7. Part of Courage Is Simple. Consistency — PEGGY NOONAN

8. Our Bodies Are Our Gardens, To Which Our Wills Are Gardeners. — WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

9. When You Recover or Discover Something That Nourishes Your Soul and Brings Joy, Care Enough About Yourself to Make Room for It in Your Life — JEAN SHINODA BOLEN

10. Of All the Judgments We Pass in Life, None Is More Important Than the Judgment We Pass on Ourselves — NATHANIEL BRANDEN

11. Self-Compassion Is Simply Giving the Same Kindness to Ourselves That We Would Give to Others — CHRISTOPHER GERMER

12. We All Have the Tendency to Believe Self-Doubt and Self-Criticism but Listening to This Voice Never Gets Us Closer to Our Goals. Instead, Try on The Point of View of a Mentor or Good Friend Who Believes in You, Wants the Best for You, And Will Encourage You When You Feel Discouraged — KELLY MCGONIGAL

13. The Most Powerful Relationship You Will Ever Have Is the Relationship with Yourself – STEVE MARABOLI

14. Your Work Is To Discover Your World And Then, With All Your Heart, Give Yourself To It — BUDDHA

15. Nothing External to You Has Any Power Over You — RALPH WALDO EMERSON

16. Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because Those Who Mind Don’t Matter, And Those Who Matter Don’t Mind — DR. SEUSS

17. Self-Care Means permitting Yourself to Pause — CECILIA TRAN

18. Self-Care Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Jogging! — SANDRA OH

19. With Every Act of Self-Care, Your Authentic Self Gets Stronger, And the Critical, Fearful Mind Gets Weaker. Every Act of Self-Care Is a Powerful Declaration: I Am on My Side, I Am on My Side, Each Day I Am More And More on My Own Side — SUSAN WEISS BERRY

20. Give Your Stress Wings, And Let It Fly Away – TERRI GUILLEMETS

Teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world. We cannot afford to lose good teachers due to burnout and lack of acknowledgment of demoralizing school environments. As said earlier, quotes cannot influence the system of teaching. But teachers can, and quotes can be a catalyst for encouraging change.

Finally, thank you to all the great teachers and educators for your work to help others. Teaching is a calling, and it calls for the best people to move our society forward. Remember to practice self-care.

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