14 Affordable End-Of-Year Gifts For Students

The end of the school year is an important milestone for teachers and students alike. It’s a time when most of us want to celebrate and reward our students with a small gift or treat. But you might wonder if it’s even possible to give meaningful gifts at the end of the year without spending a fortune...

End of Year Gifts for Students

Luckily, there are lots of possibilities. Here are a few fun yet inexpensive gift ideas for end-of-year gifts for students.



Bookmarks are easy to create yourself using cardstock, printables, or even those free samples from paint and DIY stores. Then, personalize them with student names to make a great gift.

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2. Water Bottles

Water bottle

Water bottles are fun, useful, and inexpensive when purchased in bulk. Look for the kind that comes with a strap to prevent students from dropping it during their summer adventures.

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3. Jump Ropes

Jump rope

A jump rope from the Dollar Store or Amazon serves as a great reminder to your students to stay active during the summer break. Make a pledge that you’ll all jump rope every day.

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4. Goodie Bags

Goodie bags

Find a set of small, colorful gift bags on Amazon and fill them with candy, squishy toys, or homebaked treats. Don’t forget to slip in a small handwritten note for each student to make it an even more thoughtful gift.

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5. Sunglasses


A pair of inexpensive patterned sunglasses from Amazon or the dollar store sets the perfect tone for summer.

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"14 Easy, fun, inexpensive gifts ideas that

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and celebrate the end of school year."

6. Stress Ball

Stress ball

If any of your students have difficulty managing stress or anxiety, they will appreciate some colorful stress balls. You can choose from many sizes, colors, and shapes.

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7. Crayons


Personalize a small bag with each student’s name and a special handwritten message. Then fill it with crayons to inspire creativity and fun throughout the summer.

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8. Bubble Wands


Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles on a warm summer day? For even more fun, find wands that blow jumbo-sized bubbles. Add a printed gift card with a cute saying, and you’ve got the perfect gift.

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9. Erasers


You can’t miss by gifting some fun erasers to celebrate summer. Food-themed erasers with realistic resemblance to sandwiches, ice cream bars, and hot dogs are always a hit.

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10. Beach Balls

Beach ball

Nothing evokes fun-filled sunny days quite like a brightly-colored beach ball. Print a personalized gift tag to go along with it.

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11. S’mores Bag


Slip some chocolate squares, a marshmallow, and a graham cracker into individualized plastic bags, and you have a great summer treat for each student.

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12. Popsicles


Purchase a 100-pack of colored ice pops at Walmart for about $7 and distribute a bunch of them to each student.

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13. Frisbees


With a pack of colored Frisbees as gifts, you can even enjoy an all-class Frisbee game on the last day of school, a fun way to mark the end of the school year.

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14. Painted Rocks

Painted rocks

Just grab a $16 package of craft rocks from Amazon and make them into personalized, painted gifts for your students.

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