10 Inspiring Kindergarten Graduation Quotes

As your preschoolers graduate from kindergarten, use these motivational graduation quotes to help them celebrate this extremely pivotal milestone.

Kindergarten graduation is significant, memorable, meaningful, and monumental for a student, parent, and teacher. When planning for your kindergarten graduation, consider some creative and sentimental quotes that will help inspire and congratulate graduating students. Whether you hang these quotes around your classroom or auditorium, craft them as a graduation gift, or use them as a thank you or farewell card, one thing’s for sure: both the child and parent will appreciate your kind and meaningful gesture.

If you’re unsure of some celebratory kindergarten graduation quotes designed especially for kindergarteners, check these out!

What is a Good Quote for a Kindergarten Graduation?

While there are several meaningful, special kindergarten graduation quotes that can be applied to this special time, these quotes

make the best quotes to be used in a kindergarten graduation ceremony!

1. “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting - so get on your way!” - Dr. Seuss

kindergarten graduation quotes

Who knows more about kindergarteners than Dr Seuss himself? This zany author’s beloved phrases will resonate with little ones and parents alike! It can be applied to their graduation day, all the way throughout high school. Dr Seuss is like the Albert Einstein of graduation sayings: constantly popping up on grad posters and cards on graduation day for all learners alike, Dr Seuss is like the Albert Einstein of graduation sayings!

2. “The more you learn, the more places you will go!” - Dr. Seuss

kindergarten graduation quotes

Another classic quote from Dr Seuss, there’s no truer statement, and it can become a kindergarteners mantra. Because Dr Seuss’ quotes are so popular with teachers and families around graduation time, giving the gift of Oh, the Places You Will Go is a celebrated tradition! Have your child’s teacher sign it from one school year to another and give it to them on graduation day. They will love reading all the graduation messages from one year to another.

3. “If you can dream it, you can do it!” - Walt Disney

kindergarten graduation quotes

This quote can be applied directly to kindergarten graduation because the first day of the first year of school can and may be pretty challenging for students. It’s the first time they are away from their parents for prolonged periods, and they learn quickly that they are responsible for themselves and their behaviors-both academically and socially. Being a kindergartener sure is hard work! A sweet quote like this can wrap up their first year of school, set the tone for many more years to come, and offer them congrats on their accomplishments.

4. “I’ve learned my ABCs and 1,2,3’s; to tie my shoes and when to say please. It’s time to move on; I’ve had lots of fun!” -Anonymous

kindergarten graduation quotes

An adorable quote to paint on a large banner during the ceremony to greet parents or have a little one stand under for photo opportunities; some school districts have their children memorize and say this sweet line at the end of the ceremony before tossing their caps! While it certainly doesn’t take away from celebrating their hard work, it’s perfect for a preschool graduation when you want to say “best wishes” in a way that a little graduate will understand.

5. “Remember this day! The sense of pride and accomplishment you take from it. Use that to move toward your next big goal!” -Anonymous

kindergarten graduation quotes

A more serious quote, even the youngest learner will appreciate its tone and context. It’s a perfect phrase to type on the Kindergarten or preschool graduation program handed out to parents as they walk in, making it an ideal keepsake! If you are looking for kindergarten quotes that are on the more solemn side, consider checking out some famous phrases crafted by Nora Ephron, J.M. Barrie, John Maxwell, and even Theodore Roosevelt or Oprah Winfrey!

What are Good Quotes for Graduation?

In addition to the quotes listed above, here are some other good motivational quotes for a kindergarten or preschool graduation, which can be spoken or written! Check out these words of wisdom by some of the best around!

6. “Congratulations! You didn’t eat paste or crayons. Have a sticker and Happy Graduation!” -Anonymous

kindergarten graduation quotes

Setting a lighter, sillier tone, this could be a funny quote to hang in the kindergarten hallway, outside of the classrooms, to give other faculty, older students, and staff a good chuckle at the end of the year and send out best wishes to them! While it’s not as serious or complex as something written by Mahatma Gandhi or even Confucius, having fun with graduation quotes is okay!

7. “Accomplishing the small things is the first step in achieving greatness - graduating shows that you’re well on your way!” - Anonymous

kindergarten graduation quotes

What a wonderful quote to kick off the ceremony or write in a farewell card. It’s short, simple, powerful, and, most importantly, meaningful! It’s a sentimental way to say congrats and good luck!

8. “Many dream, some try, few achieve. You have achieved it! Good luck and happy graduation!” - Anonymous

kindergarten graduation quotes

A special way to end the ceremony, this direct quote pulls at the heartstrings and sets the tone for moving on to the first grade. It can even be displayed during a graduation party if your district hosts a bash after all the festivities wrap up on this important day.

9. “Be bold, be courageous, be your best.” - Gabrielle Giffords

kindergarten graduation quotes

Anyone who has ever taught or raised a kindergarten child can truly appreciate this line! It’s perfect for capturing the essence of a spunky kindergartener and gently reminds them to stay who they are as they move on in school. Any little graduate will understand the context behind this message, and it will leave them smiling on their last day as a kindergartener.

10. “Promise me you’ll remember - You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” - A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

kindergarten graduation quotes

There’s no better way to leave one place and move on to another than to make a promise to a teacher or parent and oneself! Truly words of wisdom, this special day will be remembered forever!

What does the Kindergartener Graduate From?

It’s important for both teachers and parents to remember what these little people have accomplished. They’ve been moved from a comfortable home environment to a big, wide-open school. This school is filled with faces and places they’ve never seen before, and these little learners have persevered throughout the year to adapt, acclimate, learn, make friends, and follow the rules. While it may have been a much easier transition for some students over others, at the end of the day, a graduation ceremony is a time to cheer!

Children at this stage have learned their ABCs, how to count, and identify some words and string them together in a short sentence. They have learned how to use their words to ask for what they need, when they need help, and to stand up for themselves. They learned how to become more independent in the restroom, cafeteria, and bus. It’s often overlooked how much a kindergartener goes through in one day, let alone one year.

In conclusion, kindergarten graduation is much deserved and celebrates the efforts of the teacher and family as well!

If you are a kindergarten teacher, a parent, or specialist and want to gain some great graduation and kindergarten quotes, look no further! Consider some of these sweet sayings to make your celebratory ceremony special! Whether you’re looking to cite powerful quote makers, Robin Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Ronald Dahl, or good old Winne the Pooh, there are perfect inspirational graduation quotes waiting for you!

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