Athletes Who Won the Most Overall Summer Olympic Medals

These charts highlight the great athletes from around the world who have won the most Olympic medals in the Summer Olympic Games.
9 |
10 |
11 |


No   Sport G-S-B
22 Michael Phelps, USA Swimming 18-2-2
15 Nikolai Andrianov, USSR Gymnastics 7-5-3
13 Boris Shakhlin, USSR Gymnastics 7-4-2
13 Edoardo Mangiarotti, ITA Fencing 6-5-2
13 Takashi Ono, JPN Gymnastics 5-4-4
12 Paavo Nurmi, FIN Track/Field 9-3-0
12 Sawao Kato, JPN Gymnastics 8-3-1
12 Alexei Nemov, RUS Gymnastics 4-2-6
11 Mark Spitz, USA Swimming 9-1-1
11† Matt Biondi, USA Swimming 8-2-1
11 Viktor Chukarin, USSR Gymnastics 7-3-1
11 Carl Osburn, USA Shooting 5-4-2
10 Carl Lewis, USA Track/Field 9-1-0
10 Aladár Gerevich, HUN Fencing 7-1-2
10 Akinori Nakayama, JPN Gymnastics 6-2-2
10 Aleksandr Dityatin, USSR Gymnastics 3-6-1
10 Vitaly Scherbo, BLR Gymnastics 6-0-4
10 Gary Hall Jr., USA Swimming 5-3-2
†Includes gold medal as preliminary member of 1st-place relay team.


No SportG-S-B
18 Larissa Latynina, USSRGymnastics9-5-4
12 Birgit Fischer-Schmidt, GER Canoe/Kayak 8-4-0
12Jenny Thompson, USASwimming8-3-1
11Vera Cáslavská, CZEGymnastics7-4-0
11Dara Torres, USASwimming 4-3-4
11 Natalie Coughlin, USA Swimming 3-4-4
10 Franziska Van Almsick, GER Swimming 0-4-6
10Agnes Keleti, HUNGymnastics5-3-2
10Polina Astakhova, USSRGymnastics5-2-3
9Nadia Comaneci, ROMGymnastics5-3-1
9Lyudmila Tourischeva, USSRGymnastics4-3-2
8Kornelia Ender, E. GerSwimming4-4-0
8Dawn Fraser, AUSSwimming4-4-0
8Shirley Babashoff, USASwimming2-6-0
8Sofia Muratova, USSRGymnastics2-2-4
8 Margrit Korondi, HUN Gymnastics 2-2-4
8 Petria Thomas, AUS Swimming 3-4-1
8Inge de Bruijn, NEDSwimming4-2-2
8 Leisel Jones, AUS Swimming 3-4-1
8 Susan O'Neill, AUS Swimming 2-4-2
8 Giovanna Trellini, ITA Fencing 4-1-3
8 Isabell Werth, GER Equestrian 5-3-0
8 Anky Van Grunsven, NED Equestrian 3-5-0
8 Elisabeta Lipa, ROU Rowing 5-2-1
8 Merlene Ottey-Page, JAM-SLO Track/Field 0-3-5

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