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This set of three graphic organizers will support your students to develop the components necessary for a narrative piece of writing.

Planning Internal and External Details: Use this organizer to help students brainstorm a variety of different types of details: actions, dialogue, thoughts, and emotions. One of the Common Core standards for Writing requires students to include a variety of details, and this organizer can help get them thinking broader for their stories. Use it before students draft or during the drafting and revising process.

Planning for Sensory Details: This organizer can also be used before or during the drafting process in order to broaden the variety of student evidence. This organizer focuses on sensory details and forces students to visualize each scene of their narrative through drawing out their scene, and then listing sensory details they can imagine for it. Make sure to model using the organizer to give ideas for your own writing, and your students are sure to include beautiful descriptions in their own narratives.

Planning Writing Goals from Example Narratives: This graphic organizer can be used with any mentor or example texts you use in the classroom. It can be difficult for students to understand how to thinking about gaining ideas for writing techniques from example texts, but the guiding questions on this organizer ("What did you like, and how could you do something similar?") can help break down the process for them. This organizer is a great tool for teaching students to put their writing goals in their own hands.

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