Daily Math Warm-Ups 521 Number and Operations for 5th Grade

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This math daily warm up worksheet for grades 4 to 6 features problem-solving strategies with math problems. For this daily warm-up, students will practice two number and operations problems. This worksheet focuses on division. They will solve the problem and then show their work in the work it out section. This worksheet can be used for 4th through 6th grade math lessons, independent study, or in groups. An answer key is also provided.
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Excerpted from

Daily Warm-Ups: Problem Solving Math Grade 5
Daily Warm-Ups: Problem Solving Math Grade 5
Robert W. Smith

Solving word problems requires both strategy and skill. When confronted with a problem, students need to figure out how to solve the problem--and then solve it! The 250 exercises in each book help students learn a variety of strategies for solving problems as well as grade-specific math skills.

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