Veterans Day Commemoration Activities

This article offers a variety of activities to complete around Veterans Day. The Indoor Ceremony can be used for the classroom or the entire school or community. Likewise, the Flag Raising Ceremony can be turned into an activity for the classroom or the entire school.
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Updated on: October 9, 2001
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3. Musical Programs
Veterans Day offers an excellent opportunity for school or community musical organizations to display their talents. A midday concert at the school or at a central location in the community may be specially dedicated to Veterans Day. An innovative program might include selections known to have been popular during America's wars.

4. Poster Contest
The creative talents of students can be encouraged through participation in a school-wide Veterans Day poster contest. Winners should be appropriately recognized and awarded certificates. Local newspapers should be invited to photograph the winning entries.

5. School Newspaper Activity
Feature stories on Veterans Day can be developed by staff members of the school newspaper. The paper could publish a roster of faculty members who are veterans. It might also describe other Veterans Day activities in individual classrooms.

6. Library Activities
School or community libraries can prepare lists of recommended reading material relate to for Veterans Day. An appropriate display of book jackets or a special shelf containing selected publications can be used to call attention to the project.

7. Football Games
Veterans Day is observed at the time of the year when schools and clubs are engaged in football competition. The presentation of the colors and playing of the National Anthem may be keyed to Veterans Day by an appropriate public address announcement. Half-time presentations by school bands also afford an ideal opportunity to offer special patriotic selections and marching routines. Card section displays are another popular device that may be used to recognize Veterans Day.

8. School Cafeteria Activities
Patriotic decorations in school dining areas would add a colorful tribute to Veterans Day. Create special menu items such as decorated cupcakes or cookies.

9. Historical Groups
Veterans Day programs may be given added importance in your school or community through appropriate cooperation with local historical organizations. In many areas, these patriotic groups have organized period uniformed flag bearers, fife and drum corps, and other marching and musical units. There are many ways these colorful performers could be a part of a dignified program.

10. The Department of Veterans Affairs
Local VA facilities-medical centers, regional benefits offices, and national cemeteries are ready sources of information and speakers for Veterans Day programs. They can also provide contact with local veterans service organizations and arrange visits, tours, and other special programs for students. To contact your local VA facilities, look under Department of Veterans Affairs in the Federal Government listings in the local telephone directory.

11. Suggested Classroom Activities
Individual classrooms can also develop meaningful programs that can personally involve every student. Activities that are entertaining as well as instructive are sure to attract the interest of younger children.

  • Veterans Day themes can be included in writing assignments.
  • First-person accounts of military service by a relative or friend can help develop narrative skills.
  • Assign students to investigate the various benefits offered to veterans by government agencies.
  • Have students write about veterans who are receiving educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Ask students to describe various veterans memorials some of which may be located nearby.
  • The colorful and varied uniforms worn by members of the armed forces throughout our history offer students of all ages ideal subjects to draw and paint.
  • Elementary-school children enjoy opportunities to create and exhibit costume items.
  • Making colored construction paper hats representing various military eras is a modest and effective way of interesting pupils in Veterans Day subjects.
  • The official emblems and seals of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard can be portrayed by students in a variety of methods, such as mosaics, applique, and decoupage, as well as the traditional painting and drawing approaches.
  • Ask students to research and list all their known relatives who served in the Armed Forces. Since more than 30 percent of the United States population is comprised of veterans, their dependents and survivors, most students should be able to contribute something.