Important Update Regarding TeacherVision Membership

Updated on: May 21, 2020

Dear teachers and parents, 

We hope our efforts to support you by making TeacherVision’s resources freely available has helped each of you navigate through these unprecedented times as everyone moved to at-home learning. We know it has been a challenging time for every teacher, student, and parent.

On March 14, we made TeacherVision’s library of premium resources freely available. Each free account received 999 credits to download any premium resource on the site. Tens of thousands of you took advantage of this change to our usual model, and many of you shared your feedback and gratitude. We are excited to have become a part of your go-to shortlist for resources, advice, and guidance. 

As states begin to loosen restrictions and academic years come to a close, we will be transitioning back to TeacherVision’s standard subscription model, for all users, beginning on May 29th, 2020. 

How this affects your account

Starting on May 29th, all users with free accounts will have access to five (5) free downloads, regardless of how many credits you previously used.

If you do not have a current paid membership, you will have five credits with which to download any of TeacherVision’s premium resources, free of charge.

A paid membership will be required for unlimited, ad-free access after the five free credits are used.

If you do have a paid membership or sign up for one, you will continue to enjoy unlimited downloads and experience the site without banner ads. 

We are committed to supporting teachers and parents through the end of the 2021 school year by reducing the cost of a TeacherVision membership by 50% with Promo Code TOGETHER*. This discount applies whether you choose a monthly, annual, or 2-year membership to TeacherVision.

Get a Paid Membership

What you get with a membership

A paid membership to TeacherVision gets you… 

  1. Unlimited access to 100% of TeacherVision’s library of resources - TeacherVision’s library of over 20,000 resources includes summer learning materials,  math worksheets, reading and math warm-ups, professional development, lesson plans, printables, videos, SEL units, and much more. 
  2. Fast, ad-free experience - A paid membership removes banner ads and video ads from your browsing experience. Ads help TeacherVision source new resources for you from our Teacher Advisors and publishers - but we know they have an impact on your browsing experience, which is why they are removed for all members.
  3. Future access to new resources - As a paid member, you’ll enjoy immediate and unlimited access to any new resources added to TeacherVision. The TeacherVision team and Advisory Board continually add new resources to its growing library every week. 

All of us on the TeacherVision team are grateful to have been a part of your COVID-19 remote teaching and learning experience. As we all transition into a new phase in this process, we hope you’ll continue to value and depend on the resources we develop and provide.

*Limited time offer. Cannot be combined with any other offers. 

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