Hour of Code

Introduce your students to computer science! Celebrate Computer Learning Month in October and Computer Science Education Week December 5-11, 2016 with the Hour of Code resources provided by Code.org®. Plus, find additional coding and computer science tools.

Help your students develop skills that will serve them throughout their lives. The Hour of Code, a one-hour intro to computer science designed to show that anybody can learn coding basics, has made teaching coding fun, easy, and accessible at all ages. You'll find links to Code.org® resources below to get started and keep teaching beyond just the first hour!

Computer Science Curriculum

Students will expand their computer skills with these resources. Includes creating computer programs which help with skills, teaching algebraic and geometric concepts, and introducing computer science concepts.

Additional Resources

Choose from these resources to interest students to enter the computer sciences field. Includes a list of guest speakers, short videos, and posters to place in your classroom.

Why computer science? Check out these stats and reasons why we need to focus on and promote coding.

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