The Yoga Intervention

How can we teach our students how to regulate their emotions and communicate their feelings? Tools like mindfulness and yoga are important ways that we can help our students manage their emotions and ask for help. In this lesson designed for upper elementary students by BalancedEd Learning, students will learn how yoga and mindfulness can help them regulate their emotions and communicate their feelings. Students use Readers’ Theater and role play in order to explore the questions: "Have you ever been so wrapped up with a game that you hurt others’ feelings? Can you play to win without losing control of your emotions?"
Updated on: February 22, 2020

BalancED Learning

BalancED Learning provides curriculum and resources to achieve emotional, mental, and physical balance for both students and teachers. Through yoga and mindfulness techniques, the program combines knowledge of body, mind, and emotions to empower students by building self-esteem, teaching social-emotional skills, and constructing community within the classroom.

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