Super Max and The Mystery of Thornwood’s Revenge Teaching Guide

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Our discussion guide for Super Max and The Mystery of Thornwood’s Revenge, a book about a technologically skilled girl fighting to save her grandfather and town, contains various questions and activities to guide your lesson, and are designed to meet Common Core Standards. Our pre-reading questions contain an anticipation guide that will help students see how their perceptions change once they complete the reading. Our discussion questions will help guide the conversation and enhance students' critical thinking. Included activities are literary element analyses, research prompts, and writing prompts.
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Super Max and the Mystery of Thornwood's Revenge
Super Max and The Mystery of Thornwood’s Revenge
Author: Susan Vaught

Max has always been a whiz with electronics (just take a look at her turbo-charged wheelchair). But when a hacker starts a slanderous Facebook page for her grandpa, Max isn’t sure she has the skills to take him down. The messages grow increasingly sinister, and Max fears that this is more than just a bad joke. Here’s the thing: Max has grown up in the shadow of Thornwood Manor, an abandoned mansion that is rumored to be haunted by its original owner, Hargrove Thornwood. It is said that his ghost may be biding his time until he can exact revenge on the town of Blue Creek. Why? Well, it’s complicated. To call him a jerk would be an understatement. When the hacking escalates, suddenly it looks to Max like this could really be Thornwood’s Revenge. If it is, these messages are just the beginning—and the town could be in danger.

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