In Over Their Heads Curriculum Guide

Use this Common Core-aligned curriculum guide to explore the relationships between plot and character development in the children's fantasy novel In Over Their Heads. The activities included focus on making connections between the action of the story and the core social-emotional concepts. A large selection of discussion questions are oriented toward helping students focus on close reading strategies.
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In Over Their Heads children's book cover image
In Over Their Heads
Margaret Peterson Haddix

Nick and Eryn must figure out a way to save the world without sacrificing their newly discovered family in this follow-up to Under Their Skin, which Booklist called “crisp, intriguing, and thought-provoking” in a starred review. In Under Their Skin, twins Nick and Eryn successfully met their new stepsiblings, Ava and Jackson. But in doing so, the twins found themselves on a mission to discover how to prevent humanity from facing certain doom. Now, their two families are joined together to save not only themselves, but everyone—human and robotic. Can they figure out how before it’s too late?

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