United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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    Wales – Country Profile

    Read this profile of Wales to learn about the history, government, and geog... read more


    Black History Word Search

    Print this word search to review with pupils famous black celebrities and h... read more


    Abolition of Slavery in the UK

    Pupils will place events from the abolitionist movement in the UK in chrono... read more


    Battle of the Somme Quiz

    Use this printable quiz to review with your class the Battle of the Somme, ... read more


    Auld Alliance Essay

    Talk to your class about the Auld Alliance, a military, diplomatic, and eco... read more


    Modern London Landmarks

    Research major modern London landmarks, such as the Millennium Bridge and t... read more


    Michaelmas Traditions Quiz

    In this printable quiz, pupils will answer questions about traditions assoc... read more


    Appreciating British Food

    Talk to your pupils about what makes up the traditional English breakfast. ... read more


    James IV of Scotland Quiz

    Pupils will learn about the life of King James IV of Scotland as they answe... read more


    God Save the Queen

    Test your pupils knowledge of patriotic songs. They will fill in the missin... read more


    Historic London Landmarks

    Research major London landmarks, such as Big Ben and the Tower of London, a... read more


    Saint's Days

    Answer questions about saint's days and how they are celebrated in Europe.... read more


    Patron Saints in the UK

    Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Britain each have a patron saint who is repres... read more


    Comparing Bridges in the UK

    Pupils use a chart to answer short questions about notable bridges in the U... read more


    Queen Elizabeth I Word Search

    Pupils will review famous figures of the Elizabethan Era and Queen Elizabet... read more


    Thomas Cranmer Crossword

    Pupils will learn about the life of Thomas Cranmer as they complete this pr... read more


    Match the European Monarchs

    Match the European kings and queens with the years and countries they ruled... read more


    War of the Roses

    Teach war and royalty history with this worksheet. Pupils fill in the blank... read more


    FA Cup Quiz

    Give pupils this multiple-choice quiz to teach them about the Football Asso... read more


    Quiz: The Nettle Plant

    Use this printable true/false quiz to test pupils' knowledge of the nettle ... read more


    The Channel Tunnel

    Discuss the Channel Tunnel (also called the Chunnel) with your pupils, then... read more