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    Australian Voting-Rights Timeline

    Students will sequence the order of events in Australia's voting-rights his... read more


    Historic Massacres

    Familiarize your class with some of the most egregious instances of ethnic ... read more

    Literature Guide

    After Gandhi Teacher's Guide

    Discuss the Indian Independence Movement and the challenging work of 15 act... read more


    John Lennon

    Relate the story of John Lennon to your students, and have them do the sugg... read more


    Marian Wright Edelman

    Share the story of Marian Wright Edelman with your students, and assign the... read more


    Counterculture's Finest Moment: Woodstock

    Share the story of Woodstock, a rock festival in 1969, and assign the relat... read more


    The Beat Movement: Jack Kerouac

    Share the story of Jack Kerouac, and assign the related activities to help ... read more


    Life on the Home Front

    Read an overview of life in the United States during World War II, then exp... read more


    Beyond Blame -- Introduction

    This introduction provides background information and teaching suggestions ... read more


    The Story of Labor Day

    Article describing the origins of the Labor Day Holiday in the United State... read more


    Declaration of Sentiments

    Document written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton which was presented at the first... read more

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