President Abraham Lincoln

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    My Book About Abraham Lincoln

    Create a mini-book about Abraham Lincoln. This is a great activity for stud... read more


    The Lincoln Memorial

    Students read facts about the Lincoln Memorial and answer related questions... read more


    Daily Journal Topics: Honest Abe

    Assign one of seven journal topics for students on the subject of Abraham L... read more


    Lincoln's Birthday

    Teach children about the great U.S. president Abraham Lincoln with these ac... read more


    Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

    The text of Lincoln's second inaugural address, given on Saturday, March 4,... read more


    Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation

    Read Abraham Lincoln's 1863 Proclamation, which occurred around Thanksgivin... read more


    Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

    Read the full text of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. This resource ... read more

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