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We the Living Teacher's Guide

Engage in an in-depth study of We the Living. This work is Ayn Rand's first... read more

Literature Guide

Teacher's Guide to Atlas Shrugged

Learning strategies to use before, during, and after reading Ayn Rand's las... read more

Teacher Discussion Guide

This I Believe Teacher's Guide

Based on the National Public Radio series of the same name, This I Believe ... read more


Cosmic Counsel

Can the stars be your counsel? Read this article to learn more about astrol... read more


The Perfect Sword Handout

Study the Tokugawa Period in Japanese history by reading The Perfect Sword ... read more


The Henry Books: A Teacher's Guide

Introduce students to the life and philosophy of Henry David Thoreau throug... read more


Is It Reasonable? Devising a Limerick

Students will practice their logic in this activity. They will assess the r... read more

Graphic Organizer

City vs. Country

Use this graphic organizer to compare city life with country life. This pri... read more


How to Build a House

Review sequencing by having students put the steps of building a house in o... read more


I Don't Believe It

Students look at a picture of a farm scene. Then they identify the make-bel... read more



Explore connections in mathematics and history with this article on Plato.... read more

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