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The Souls of Black Folk Teacher's Guide

Study the African American experience with The Souls of Black Folk, a serie... read more

Literature Guide

Why We Can't Wait Teacher's Guide

Begin a chapter-by-chapter study of Why We Can't Wait by Martin Luther King... read more


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Biography

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became the president of Liberia in January, 2006. The... read more

Literature Guide

The Help Teacher's Guide

Learn about the Civil Rights Movement through literature. The Help by Kathr... read more


The Port Chicago 50 Teacher's Guide

Teach students about the worst homefront disaster in World War II through a... read more


Women's History Videos & Activities

Learn about the history of women's rights and the Nineteenth Amendment thro... read more

Literature Guide

These Hands Teacher's Guide

During the 1950s and early 1960s, African American workers at many large-sc... read more


Teaching Guide to Marching for Freedom

This comprehensive teacher's guide to Marching for Freedom: Walk Together, ... read more


Up Close: W.E.B. Dubois Discussion Guide

Study the life and work of civil rights leader W.E.B. Dubois with your stud... read more


Martin Luther King, Jr. Quiz

How much do your students know about Martin Luther King, Jr.? Test their kn... read more


Civil Rights Heroes Quiz

How much do your students know about famous civil rights heroes? Give them ... read more


Suffrage Movement Quiz

See how much students know about the history of women's suffrage in the Uni... read more


The Wage Gap

Read about the wage gap, the history of pay inequity, and the Equal Pay Act... read more


My Mother the Cheerleader Reading Guide

Explore the divisive forces of race, economics, and culture that challenged... read more

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