East Coast Earthquake, August 2011

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    Daily Warm-Ups

    Science Reading Warm-Up: Earthquakes

    Teach your students about earthquakes while improving their reading compreh... read more


    Earthquake Waves

    In this activity, students create model buildings from toothpicks. Using Je... read more


    Map of Maryland & DC

    Use a printable outline map that depicts the state of Maryland and the Dist... read more


    Cause and Effect Lesson

    A cause and effect analysis is an attempt to understand why things happen a... read more


    Survival Kits

    The best way to handle a disaster is to be prepared, as students learn in t... read more



    The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 had far-reaching effects. Read about i... read more


    Earth Processes: Family Activity

    Suggest a family activity to parents that focuses on Earth processes such a... read more


    Getting Ready for Earthquakes

    Students answer questions about earthquake preparations and safety. They a... read more


    Modeling Plate Movement

    Students develop a working model of plate divergence at the mid-ocean ridge... read more


    Modeling the Effects of Fault Movements

    Students create a model to show the effects of strike-slip, normal, and rev... read more


    Modeling Plate Boundaries

    Students create a model for each of three types of plate boundaries: transf... read more

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