Teaching Otis by Loren Long

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    Sink or Float? Science Activity

    Otis's friend, the calf, sinks and gets stuck in Mud Pond. This science and... read more


    Otis Pretend Play Activity: A Happy Parade

    Explain parades and introduce pretend play with this fun activity. Children... read more


    Otis Friendship Pictures

    Otis and the calf are great friends. In this friendship activity, children ... read more


    Old MacDonald Singing Activity

    There are many animals on Otis's farm. Sing Old MacDonald to familiarize ch... read more


    Otis Barn Mural Activity

    Use pictures from the children's book Otis to help kids draw farm animals a... read more


    Otis Reading Guide (Spanish)

    Are you reading Otis in Spanish? Use this reading guide to help develop chi... read more


    Otis Reading Guide (English)

    Share the story of Otis with your students. Talk about the qualities of a g... read more


    Otis Animal Sounds Activity

    What noise does each farm animal make? In this early learning activity, chi... read more


    Otis Counting Activity

    Count the ducks in this printable featuring Otis from Otis by Loren Long. T... read more


    Otis Drawing Activity: My Best Friend

    In this drawing activity, students draw a picture of their best friend. Thi... read more


    Otis Maze

    Children help Otis coax the calf out of the mud and find dry land to solve ... read more

    Coloring Page

    Otis Coloring Page

    Preschoolers will enjoy adding coloring in this farm scene from Otis by Lor... read more


    Building a Buddy

    Students consider what their early experiences with friends taught them abo... read more


    Naming Farm Families

    Try a printable science activity that focuses on names for adult animals an... read more


    Friendship and Literature

    Use this literature printable to explore the theme of friendship as it rela... read more


    I Don't Believe It

    Students look at a picture of a farm scene. Then they identify the make-bel... read more


    A Friendship Award

    Use this certificate to award students for their participation in a friends... read more


    Friendship Badges

    Use these badges in a unit on friendship, to award students for participati... read more


    Friendship Listening Center

    In this creative activity, your students can record in an audio library wha... read more

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