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    Teacher Discussion Guide

    Snow White: A Graphic Novel Discussion Guide

    This discussion guide for the graphic novel Snow White includes questions t... read more

    Literature Guide

    Poptropica Mystery of the Map Teaching Guide

    Have fun across your curriculum with Poptropica: Mystery of the Map—a New Y... read more

    Teacher Discussion Guide

    You Can Do a Graphic Novel Teacher's Guide

    Explore the creative process of writing and illustrating a graphic novel. T... read more

    Literature Guide

    Mercury Reading Guide

    This printable reading guide to Hope Larson's Mercury is full of great teac... read more

    Teacher Discussion Guide

    Zebrafish Discussion Guide

    Engage students in conversations about illness, activism, community, and fr... read more

    Literature Guide

    The Storm in the Barn Teacher's Guide

    Use The Storm in the Barn – a graphic novel by Matt Phelan – to teach pupil... read more


    Create Your Own Comics with Stink

    Encourage kids to write and illustrate their own comic strips, just like St... read more


    Peanuts Comics

    Interesting facts and fun activities related to Peanuts comics.... read more


    "Batman & Robin" Comics

    Some history and some fun activities related to the "Batman & Robin" comic ... read more


    Exploring Comic Strips

    Comic strips are a great way to encourage reading and writing and reinforce... read more


    Create a New Comic Strip

    Students create a new comic strip by cutting and pasting characters and add... read more


    Comic Capers

    Students view a sequence of images and then finish the story in this creati... read more

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