Communication Skills

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    Relate: Kids and Parents Trade Places

    This colorful printable puts parents and kids in each others' shoes, and ca... read more


    10 Tips for Talking to Your Teachers

    This worksheet includes 10 tips and strategies for students, focused on hel... read more


    Idioms and Proverbs

    Ever wonder the origins of common idioms and proverbs? Find out where your ... read more


    History of Communication

    Teachers can share with their students the history of communication through... read more


    Morse Code

    Morse Code is a language commonly used when telephones and other means of c... read more


    Project/Presentation Checklist

    Use this form to evaluate an individual or group student project. The check... read more


    The Dr. Seuss Connection

    Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day and Read Across America (both March 2nd) with the a... read more


    Baby Sister Poetry Pack

    In this activity, students explore the possibilities for nonverbal communic... read more

    Graphic Organizer

    Concept Wheel

    A concept wheel is a graphic organizer that asks who, what, where, when, wh... read more


    Character Riddle

    Students compose a riddle about a character in a story and share it with a ... read more


    Patriotic Speech

    Students practice oral speaking by preparing a patriotic speech.... read more