Music National Content Standard 6

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    Graph/Chart - Teacher Resources

    Graphing Pitch

    Distribute a group activity that explains the musical relationship between ... read more


    Chinese Opera

    Introduce your class to the artistic characters, vocal music, and instrumen... read more


    African-American Gospel Music

    Introduce Gospel music while explaining lyrical meaning and cultural values... read more


    Hispanic Rhythmic Patterns and Drums

    Use a music lesson that helps students understand drum rhythms, performing ... read more


    Introduction to the Panpipe

    Use a lesson that introduces the history of Peruvian and Bolivian panpipes ... read more


    Jazz and Math: Rhythmic Innovations

    Connect music and math through the study of jazz. In this music lesson, stu... read more


    Defining Jazz Music

    These lessons and activities explore sound and how sound is defined in jazz... read more


    Tap Your Feet

    Students will practice following a pattern and become familiar with the con... read more


    Interactive Timeline

    Students will explore ragtime music and gain an understanding of its develo... read more


    A Jazz Talk Show

    Students will explore the lives of various jazz musicians, studying the soc... read more


    Learning through The Duke

    Students will learn about the important contributions made by Duke Ellingto... read more


    Can You Hear a Story?

    Students will explore creating moods with music, analyze a story, and the c... read more


    Musical Roots

    Teach the relationship of today's pop vocal music and other American vocal ... read more