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Indian Ragas

Explore Indian ragas and learn the differences between an Indian raga and t... read more


Chinese Opera

Introduce your class to the artistic characters, vocal music, and instrumen... read more


Making a Koto

Learn to construct an Asian zither – a musical instrument – with wood, scre... read more


Chinese Music

Introduce your class to the musical styles, vocal music, instruments, and t... read more


Han Chinese Music Scales

Use these Chinese seven-tone and pentatonic scales with the Chinese Music r... read more


Chinese Percussion Music

Teach students about Chinese percussion instruments and ensemble performanc... read more


Israeli Songs

Use these beat and rhythm displays for Israeli songs with the Israeli Child... read more


Making an Erhu

This two-stringed instrument originated in China, has influenced modern bow... read more


Make a Tunable Drum

Drums appear in almost all cultures. Learn to construct a tunable drum from... read more

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