Winds of Change: Navigating the Unknown

Kelsey Ludeman has over 15 years of experience as an elementary teacher, a museum curriculum coordinator, a university student success coach, and a content editor and strategist. Kelsey strives to connect people and create resources to benefit educators, students, and families everywhere.

Read on as Kelsey delves into the many layers of navigating change throughout life.

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Teaching Strategies:

The only constant is change. Navigating life's changes with grace, wisdom, and bravery creates a full life, with endless opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and happiness. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Giving Yourself Grace

Change is hard. We take comfort in the known. Human design wires us to crave the familiar and to form patterns and routines. While these habits and rituals may keep us feeling safe and secure, they may also be keeping us from much-needed expansion.

Leaving your comfort zone is uncomfortable and takes great bravery. Be gentle with yourself as you encounter difficult emotions during this time. Processing new and difficult situations is not a linear path. Save space for yourself to emote and advance through life at your own pace.  

Channeling Strength

You are stronger than you know. If you were to wait until you were no longer scared to make a change, it would never happen. Do it scared. The fear will be temporary, but looking around once you’ve landed somewhere wonderful, lasts a lifetime. Trust yourself and follow your instincts. Taking a leap of faith and journeying into the unknown, however big or small the change, is something to be proud of.