First Letter Parade

Use a School Readiness Activity to provide early literacy thinking experiences for preschool children that will prepare them to do well in the early grades.
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Teaching Strategies:

First Letter Parade

  • To see and say the letters in their names
  • To learn the first letter in their names
  • To know that each letter is a symbol that can be named

Paper for signs, marker
Prepare ahead by assembling or making alphabet cards.

Literature Suggestion
Read any engaging alphabet book.



  • Tell children you will sing the ABC song together.
  • Give each child a letter sign (you may not use all the signs.)
  • Tell children they should hold up their letter sign when they hear their letter.


  • Read an alphabet book aloud. Talk about the letters and what they stand for.
  • Tell children that they are going to be in a "First Letter Parade." Have them select costumes or props from the dress-up area. Tell children to think of the first letter of their name. When children are ready, have them come to you one by one.
  • Ask each child to tell you the first letter of his or her name. (Help any child who needs help to say the first letter of his or her name.) Write the letter on a sign for the child to carry. Have each child trace the letter with a finger and say the letter name. Children may want to decorate their letters.
  • Play music as children march around the room carrying their letter signs.
Ask all children whose names begin with a particular letter to stand up in front of the group and hold up their signs. Invite children to read their signs and say the first letter of their names: "My name is Nina. My name starts with the letter N."

Observation Assessment

  • Proficient - Child can say the first letter in his or her name clearly, and recognizes the letter when it is written.
  • In Process - Child needs help to pronounce the first letter in his or her name, and needs help to recognize when the first letter of his or her name is written.
  • Not Yet Ready - Child does not yet say or recognize the first letter in his or her name.
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