Finishing Sentences

Use a School Readiness Activity to provide early literacy thinking experiences for preschool children that will prepare them to do well in the early grades.
Teaching Strategies:
Updated on: October 15, 2004

Finishing Sentences

  • To recognize that print has meaning
  • To recognize that spoken words can be written
  • To recognize words as units of print
  • To recognize some letters
  • To recognize a sentence as a group of words

Chart paper, marker

Literature Suggestion
Read The Adventures of Taxi Dog by Debra and Sal Barranca or any other book that shows ways to travel from place to place.


Literature Suggestion
Read The Adventures of Taxi Dog by Debra and Sal Barranca, or any other book that shows ways to travel from place to place.

Ask children to tell you how they got to the program that day. Help them act out riding a bicycle, riding a motorcycle, driving a car, getting on a bus, backing up a truck, being a train engineer, and being an airplane pilot. You may want to make a picture chart that shows this information.


  • Read the book and help children notice the different ways that people travel. You may also want to use the picture chart to have children initiate sentences about travel.
  • Write "Go, Go, Go!" at the top of a piece of chart paper. Ask children to tell you different ways to travel. As they answer, write their answers in sentences, and read the sentences to the group: "Lucy can go in a car. Kareem can go on a bus. Jack can go on a bike." Ask children to repeat the sentences after you.
Invite children to draw pictures of themselves going places. Help them write or scribble a sentence that describes their pictures.

Observation Assessment

  • Proficient - Child can name several ways to travel, and understands that written words have meanings.
  • In Process - Child can name one or two ways to travel, but needs help understanding the concept that the written words have meanings.
  • Not Yet Ready - Child does not contribute and does not yet seem to understand that written words reflect spoken words.

Excerpted from

School Readiness Activity Cards
School Readiness Activity Cards
Pearson Early Childhood
Excerpted from School Readiness Activity Cards. The Preschool Activity Cards provide engaging and purposeful experiences that develop language, literacy, and math skills for preschool children.

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