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Poetry Resources for Teachers

Celebrate National Poetry Month by filling your April lessons with lyrical activities. Explore poetry on a daily basis and take your students to new writing levels. Try our poetry kit, provided by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which gives you plenty of ideas for celebrating National Poetry Month in April. You can also use our slideshows to find a wealth of popular activities to choose from. We have printables, lesson plans, activities, and references for you to use in your cross-curricular study of the art of poetry.


Poetry Lessons & Activities: Gallery of Worksheets (Grades K-2)
Poetry Lessons & Activities: Gallery of Worksheets (Grades 6-8)
Poetry Lessons & Worksheets: Gallery of Activities (Grades 3-5)
Poetry Lessons & Worksheets: Gallery of Activities (Grades 9-12)
Top 10 Poetry Activities & Prompts: Printables Gallery


Scoring Rubric: Poetry
Types of Poetry
"The Raven" Poem & Activities
Poetry Terms Quiz
Acrostic Poem: Earth Day
Bio Poem Handout
Sensory Poems
More Popular Poetry Printables

Lesson Plans

Poetry Lesson Plans by Taylor Mali
Metaphor Unit Poems
Billie Holiday's Song "Strange Fruit"
Recycled Poetry
An Autobiographical Poem
Fall Haiku
The History & Poetry of "In Flanders Fields"
Fall Similes
More Poetry Lesson Plans

Art Activities

Family Finger Plays
Fall Haiku
Fall Similes
Hey There, Stink Bug! Activity Guide
Literature & Math: Stories about Planets
Our Flag Poetry Pack
Jaha and Jamil Went Down the Hill Activity

Music Activities

Patriotic Poems and Songs
Rufus and Friends: Rhyme Time Reader's Theater
Robert Burns Biography
Leave Your Sleep Teacher's Guide


Poetry Terms Glossary
Interview with Jose Garcia Villa
How Do I Love Thee?
Memorial Poetry
Pulitzer Prize Winners for Poetry
Where Students Can Publish
William Butler Yeats
Quotations from Winter Poems
Contemporary Irish Writers Live Up to Legend
Bollingen Prize in Poetry
"Hunger" by Emily Dickinson
John Keats - Biography & Activities
Robert Bruce's March To Bannockburn
Geoffrey Chaucer Biography
Wilfred Owen Biography


Poets and Poems Quiz


Alphabetizing Poets Quiz
Langston Hughes, an Everyday Poet
Your Poem Is Waiting: Letter of Advice from Poet Joyce Sidman
TeacherVision Interviews Author Taylor Mali
Phillis Wheatley
Gwendolyn Brooks
African-American Poetry
More Resources about Poets

Holiday Poetry Activities

Recycled Poetry
"Twas the Night Before Christmas": Full Text
The History & Poetry of "In Flanders Fields"
Holiday Poems
"In Flanders Fields"
More Poetry Activities for Holidays

Social Studies & Poetry Connected

An Autobiographical Poem
The History & Poetry of "In Flanders Fields"
Inaugural Poetry
Holiday Poems
Emily Dickinson -- Selected Poems -- Series One
The Iliad Teacher's Guide
Emily Dickinson -- Selected Poems -- Series Two
More Poetry Activities for Social Studies

History & Poetry Connected

The Odyssey
The History & Poetry of "In Flanders Fields"
Holocaust Cinquain
Poetry Wheel
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Teacher's Guide
Old South Meeting House
A Wreath for Emmett Till Teacher's Guide
More Poetry Activities for History

Science & Poetry Connected

As Soon As It's Fall Poetry Pack
Fall Haiku
Animal Poems & Animal Shapes
Fall Similes
Faces of the Moon Teacher's Guide
The Hairy Dog Poetry Pack
Fall into Rhyme
More Poetry Activities for Science

Food & Poetry Connected

Favorite Foods
The Crossover Educator's Guide
Poetry is Sporty
Science and Writing: Food Poetry

Language Arts & Poetry Connected

Poetry Terms Glossary
"The Raven" Poem & Activities
Teacher's Guide to Cam Jansen Mysteries
A Collection of Poetry Activities
Reciting-a-Poem Speech
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Perplexed Poetry
More Poetry Activities for Language Arts

More Literature Resources

Poetry Terms Glossary
Poetry Lessons & Activities: Gallery of Worksheets (Grades K-2)
"The Raven" Poem & Activities
Sample Metaphor Poems
Poetry Terms Quiz
Metaphor Unit Poems
Favorite Foods
More Literature Resources for Teachers

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